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The recent maintenance paved the way for some big changes on Xu-Fu’s Pet Guides. If you joined us on Discord, you will have seen the beginnings of it already. Now it’s time to unveil the big news: Xu-Fu is going to transform from a page dedicated solely to providing ... continue reading
Activity has picked up on Xu-Fu and I’m really excited to introduce you to the latest addition in pet collection tools: The Pet Moocher! Not an April fools joke, it’s a real thing! - Ever wanted to compare your collection to someone else for any duplicate, cageable ... continue reading
Pet battle PvP has never been my strong suit, making me rely entirely on other people to provide content for this part of the pet battling world. The latest newcomer to the Xu-Fu team kindly offered to provide his knowledge on that, admittedly lacking, part of the page: Welcome ... continue reading

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Eekwibble wrote today on: Eleanor
I know it's pretty pointless at this stage of the game, but, this is the shortest, fastest TDScript for this battle: - - standby [ enemy.aura(Undead:242).exists ] - use(#3) - use(#2) - use(#1)
Eekwibble wrote today on: Cymre Lamafulgida
Really good strat. When the Imp comes back in, though, your TDScript uses Immolation instead of Burn if Idol's hp is above the Rebirth threshold (which is ~18.5%hp), so I wrote a more compact version which should work with all breeds: - - change(#2) [ round=3 ] - ... [continue reading]
If you are using the Rematch addon in conjunction with the tdBattlePetScript_Rematch addon, the spells and numbers will pop up automatically when you write scripts whilst in a pet battle.
I haven't tried the strategy itself, but it ended up in the wrong place. - - It shows among the general category for this fight, whereas you wanted it in the Aquatic section of Family Battler. - - You shoule be able to unpublish this one and re-enter under Family ... [continue reading]

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warteeeesa scritto il 13.03.2019

I found this site and hmm i cant use shoutbox. It is possible?
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warteeeesa scritto il 09.03.2019

hello i am new user thanks for approved :)
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taomiwersta scritto il 03.02.2019

Hello. I am toamiwersta and i would to help you with the website creating. I am php programmer.