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One month to go for Battle for Azeroth, and this week the pre-patch will hit already! With so many changes coming in that patch, a blog entry about it is long overdue. - - 1. Use your pet charms today! - Pet Charms as we know it will lose in their value immensely. With the ... continue reading
Another update already! - This one went much smoother than I expected, and I'm super happy about it. It is feature 2 of 3 core things I need to complete before Battle for Azeroth hits the shelves. That gives me another 6 weeks from now to finish up and have Xu-Fu ready for ... continue reading
Today I am very happy to introduce a new section to Xu-Fu’s Pet Guides. A topic that has been neglected for way too long: Pet PvP! - - Rosqo, well known in the pvp world of pet battles, volunteered to work on this section and will fill it with life. He is creating many ... continue reading

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Athie wrote today on: Xi'a il Saltatore
change(#2) [self(#1).active & self.dead] - ability(Black Claw) [round = 1] - ability(Flock) - ability(Call Darkness) [self.round = 1] - ability(Nocturnal Strike)
not slightly RNG dependant.. VERY RNG dependant :)
Mya wrote today on: Blog
Thank you for all of your hard work on the site.
I had a lot of RNG with Flank hitting 3 then 3 times to my pets (must only hit once for 3 and once for 2 any order) also had Nightmare and Meteorite miss on attempts that Flank hit the correct amount of times. HUGE RNG factors in this portion of the achievement. Keep trying ... [continue reading]

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