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2022-07-07 No
2022-07-22 No
2022-08-06 No
2022-08-21 No
2022-09-05 No
2022-09-20 No
2022-10-05 No
2022-10-20 No
2022-11-04 No
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2022-06-28 02:00:00 - 2022-07-05 02:00:00
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Thanks! I didn't know what to do, but that worked!
Tried this, didn't work. The red cricket always dies after Pounder comes in. Cocoon breaks and then it dies before it can get Nature's Touch off.
Still works great! Won first time.
If you have any pet with whirlpool and another Aquatic ability it might work for the slot 1 pet, OR a mud jumper (Pump, Water Jet x2, Pump) etc. Quickest would probably be a Chitterspine Deepstalker (Whirlpool, Fish Slap, Prowl) but I think is more prone RNG . Here is the TD script for that: - - change(#3) [self(#2).active] - use(Prowl:536) [ round>2 ] - use(Whirlpool:513) - use(Moonfire:595) - use(#1) - change(next)
Used Ban-Fu as third pet and it worked - even though my Xu-Fu didn't kill with Moonfire.
Anubisath solo'd this.
Super easy. Thank you!
Didn't work for me at all. Everything died super early, including the third pet, Zandalari Footslasher. Script also didn't work at all.
Got it first try once I made these adjustments! Especially swapping for Booby Trapped Presents sealed the deal for me.
The combo of pets worked for me but I believe the strategy's steps are miss-typed. - For clarification, I think the steps should be: - - Turn 1 Pass, beatle swapped in - Turn 2 Skitter - Turn 3 Void Crash - Turn 4 Pass, Void-Scarred Beetle dies, Darkmoon Hatchling comes in - Turn 5-7 Flock - Turn 8 Pass, Darkmoon Hatchling dies, Lovebird Hatchling comes in - Turn 9 Predatory Strike - Turn 10 Alpha Strike - - Thank you, regardless. This strategy worked for me after getting past some ... [continua a leggere]

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2022-06-23 21:19:01
Things are heating up on Azeroth as summer is finally here, so let's light some fires and get some pets!

For the Midsummer Fire Festival holiday there are four pets, and today also marks the beginning of summer when the seasonal pet, Qiraji Guardling, becomes available.

1 Midsummer Fire Festival

From this holiday three of the pets are through a vendor, and the fourth is through defeating the holiday boss: Ahune, the Frost Lord. All of these pets are cageable, so if you don't have time to farm for the currency, or you're worried you might not have enough currency for all the pets, fear not! You can head over to your local Auction House and grab the ones you're missing.

1.1 Vendor Pets

Each of these pets will cost you 350 Burning Blossoms.

Blazing Cindercrawler

Igneous Flameling

Spirit of Summer

1.2 Holiday Boss Reward

This pet drops from the bag you receive for defeating Ahune, the Frost Lord, when queuing through the dungeon finder. Ahune is located in Slave Pens in Outlands' Zangarmarsh.

Frigid Frostling

2 Seasonal Pet

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere also marks when the seasonal pet, Qiraji Guardling, becomes available. This pet can be found in Silithus, and it has quite a few breeds, so it might take some time if you're looking for a specific one.

Don't forget: you need this pet to complete the Kalimdor Safari Achievement.

It will be available this year until 21 September

Qiraji Guardling

And that's everything! We at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet collecting and battling endeavors, so until next time: happy battling & happy Midsummer!
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2022-06-22 16:31:57
Dragonflight Pre-Orders are live, and with it we get two new pets!

Give a toasty warm welcome to our new fire-breathing friends: Murkastrasza & Drakks

1 Murkastrasza

  • Dragonflight Edition: Heroic Edition and up
  • New Ability: Furious Surge

2 Drakks

  • Dragonflight Edition: Pre-Purchase Bonus Only (Drakks pet as a pre-purchase bonus item offer ends with the launch of Dragonflight.)
  • New Ability: Unrelenting Flames

In addition to the two pre-purchase pets, we also got a new pet on the shop: Lil' Ursoc!

3 Lil' Ursoc

  • Lil' Ursoc can be purchased as a standalone pet, or for a limited time as part of the A Midsummer Night's Pack along with two other shop pets and an assortment of other shop items
  • New Abilities: Ursoc's Claws & Rend Flesh

And that's it! What do you think of our new scaley and fluffy friends?

We at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet collecting endeavors, and happy battling!
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2022-05-30 15:45:59
...And that's about it as far as we can see for 9.2.5 for pet battles.

Here's the content update note for Jingles:
Fixed an issue where Jingles battle pet would display as "Unknown" when summoned and its wreath and candy cane accessories were the incorrect size in the Pet Journal.

This should fix the issue with using level stones on Jingles, as well as its name not displaying properly.

That's good news!

The bad news, however, is we haven't heard anything about the missing wreaths and candy canes for people with naked Jingles. It seems like things went awry when trying to make it like the reindeer, where the festive gear only displays during Winter Veil.

Also, you still cannot destroy or cage Jingles.

Wain, who runs Petopia and Warcraft Mounts, also pointed this out:
...the issue is that Jingles has two display IDs in the database, one has added Winter Veil decorations (added via a spellkit), and one is plain. There's a 50% chance of ending up with one or the other. If this was intended, the problem remains that you can only have one of this pet for some reason and you can't crate/delete it, so you're stuck with whatever appearance you opened first. So, allowing players to own multiple Jingles, and for them to be crateable/deletable would help.

It's also possible the two IDs were originally intended to be used on the same pet at different times of year (like, only decked out in Winter Veil gear at Christmas) but if so they never implemented it that way.

Hopefully we'll see them continue to work on these issues, and personally I'd like to see Jingles cageable like the other pets received from the presents.

Now, we have seen some updates to 'invalid' pets, like Tezpet, which might mean something is encrypted that will only show up once the patch goes live. Unfortunately it could also just be for internal testing reasons.

So, nothing new for the pet community as far as we can see, and likely nothing until the Dragonflight pre-order / pre-patch.

We at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet endeavors, and happy battling!
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2022-05-10 21:59:48
The time has come, once again, to level all your pets!

The weekly reset brings the pet battle bonus week, and The Sign of the Critter offers a 200% increase on pet experience, so it's the perfect time to tackle that queue.

1 Repeatable Tamers

If you'd like to know what repeatable trainers to look out for this week, head over to our Powerleveling Guide to find out which ones are great for maximizing the use of the bonus xp. It will also offer the top leveling strategies for each of the fights, tips & tricks, and links to non-repeatable tamers as well as other useful guides.

Our widget on the home page will let you know which repeatable Legion tamers are up for the day!

Also, keep an eye out for strategies that have the Level tags for the regular, non-repeatable fights. Every little bit counts!

2 Tuesday the 17th Super Squirt for European Realms!

Super Squirt is one of those magical days during pet battle bonus week where Squirt is up in your WoD garrison menagerie, and it offers a useful, repeatable battle that does very well in leveling your pets, and has a nearby free heal. Here's where you can find all our Squirt Strats.

Though much emphasis is placed on Super Squirt, there are plenty of viable leveling fights from the repeatable tamers listed in the Powerleveling Guide. If you don't have your garrison up to par for Squirt, you'll likely still get a fair few tamers that will do nicely in Squirt's stead.

We wish you the best of luck in leveling your pets, and hope you have a happy battling week!
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2022-05-02 13:09:23
You’re not quite sure how you got roped into this, but through the haze of last night’s drinking of a particularly heady Pandaren brew you recall a card game. In fact, as the bits and pieces slowly fall into place while you eat your breakfast, you remember someone unexpected and out of place at the card table: a matronly woman. After being thoroughly trounced, you pushed the winnings toward her.

She smiled, and only took half. “You’ll need the rest for tomorrow,” she said, and handed you a note.

It was that note you now held in your hand, and all it had was directions. Curious, you follow it to a building full to the brim with chattering, excited children.

“Ah!” the woman from last night exclaimed. “So glad you could make it. I have just the child for you,” she said, turning to head back inside, ignoring your slack-jawed shock.

“Here you go,” she said, a child bounding out of the building with her. “You two have fun, now.”

She waved the two of you off as you walk away from the orphanage. Panic races through you as you realize you have no idea what to do, but the kid just laughed.

“Beat you in a card game, didn’t she?” they asked.

You nod, and a broad grin broke out across their face.

“Matron is the best card shark this side of the Great Sea. Does this every year. Look,” they say, pointing to a cluster of equally stunned adventurers. “Don’t worry. I have tons of ideas about what we can do!” the kid exclaims.

Maybe today won’t be as bad as you think.

Happy Children’s Week, fellow Azerothians! Children’s Week is when adventurers, such as yourself, take time out of their villain-slaying schedule to give the orphans of various wars and conflicts something to look forward to. You’ll be heading to different locales, giving the children gifts, excitement, and a taste of adventure, so let’s get going—the kids are waiting!

There are four different sets of pets that can be obtained from different matrons, so make sure you’re heading to the correct orphanage! A total of 14 pets can be obtained through this holiday, and if you have enough alts they can all be yours in one year. However, if you’re looking to get the Veteran Nanny achievement, see our note below in the Achievement section at the bottom.

All pets that are part of this holiday are cageable, except the Curious Wolvar Pup & the Curious Oracle Hatchling

1 Orgrimmar / Stormwind

Horde will go to Orphan Matron Battlewail in Orgrimmar, and Alliance to Orphan Matron Nightingale in Stormwind. This is a 6-part quest chain for both factions, and easy to complete. At the end of the chain, you’ll be rewarded with your choice of:

1.1 Rat Cage / Baffo il Ratto

1.2 Turtle Box / Rapidino

1.3 Snail Shell / Scooter la Lumaca

1.4 Piglet’s Collar / Ser Pancetta

2 Shattrath

Horde and Alliance need to go to Shattrath and accept the quest from Orphan Matron Mercy, who will give Horde players a Blood Elf child, and Alliance players a Draenai child. This is once again a 6-part chain, at the end of which you’ll be rewarded with your choice of:

2.1 Egbert’s Egg / Egbert

2.2 Elekk Training Collar / Nocciolina

2.3 Sleepy Willy / Willy

2.4 Gambetta

3 Dalaran (Northrend)

Horde and Alliance will need to go to Dalaran in Northrend and accept the quest from Orphan Matron Aria. This is the only faction non-specific chain set for Children’s Week. When speaking with the matron, you’ll be given the choice between an Oracle or Wolvar orphan. After your 7-part chain, whichever orphan you chose will be reflected in your pet reward:

3.1 Cucciolo Curioso di Oracolo

3.2 Cucciolo Curioso di Volvar

4 Battle for Azeroth

Horde will go to Caretaker Padae in the Grand Bazaar in Dazar’alor, and Alliance will go to Orphan Matron Westerson at Hook Point in Boralus. This is also a 6-part quest chain that will conclude with your choice of:

4.1 Sandy Hermit Crab Shell / Signor Paguro

4.2 Beccbert

4.3 Slimy Pouch / Ranetta

4.4 Enchanted Saurolisk Scale / Scagliola

5 Achievements

There are also two achievements that are specifically tied to the pets of the event: Veteran Nanny, and Aw, Isn’t It Cute?

Veteran Nanny is an achievement that will take players at least three years to complete, because it does not count across characters. All the pets for the achievement come from the same orphan matron, and the chain can only be done once a year.

And that’s everything!

We at Xu-Fu’s wish you all the best in your pet collecting endeavors, and until next time: Happy Battling!
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