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Gráinne wrote today on: PvPIntroduction
You can create and publish your own teams right now. - - You just have to register as a user of the site, and then you have the ability to create strats.


wrote today on: PvPIntroduction
When will we be able to publish our own pvp battle team, I guess these pvp teams are a bit outdated. It would be cool if anyone could publish his own team. And people would upvote (or downvote)
Great strat! - I made a script for it: - - change(Everliving Spore:1998) [enemy(Rocko:2994).active & enemy.round=3] - ability(Bash:348) - ability(Call Lightning:204) - ability(Wild Winds:514) - ability(Slime:1763) - ability(Evolution:957) - ability(Ooze Touch:445) - change(next) - - worked for me at least. :)
The strat says what to do if Coach comes in, but doesn't really address Greatest Foe coming in instead. Anyway I kind of winged it and eeked out a win with Anubisath having about 300 health left.
Hello! - - I've unpublished this strategy due to the fact that it does not work as intended with the slot 1 level pet. Since you expect the Idol to survive the fight so your level pets don't need to battle, your slot 1 level pet will need to remain in for 1 round to get any experience. - - A fix for this might be pass for slot 1 pet on round 1, then use the first two rounds on the third enemy to do the second pet's swap. - - Once this issue is rectified in the strat, ... [continua a leggere]
works great!!
Works flawlessly, I won the fight on snowman's first turn, thanks !
Doesn't work, razortooth dies before 1st ennemy pet
Yes i realized that, did the same and worked.
Thanks, added to the strategy.

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2022-01-17 04:43:04
The short hunt is over and we have some winners. But first, I'd like to ask for your help. If you used Xu-Fu's over the weekend, please help us out by voting in this super quick poll, thanks!!

Poll: How was the page performing during the Mini Treasure Hunt?
Poll ends after 2022-01-24 09:37:32
➜ 5 Stars - Awesome (3)
The page loaded fast and I had no problems at all.
➜ 4 Stars - Good (24)
Not really any issues. Maybe a page loading a bit slow some times but no bother overall.
➜ 3 Stars - Okay (13)
Some slow loading or a page crashing here or there but all in all it was an Okay experience.
➜ 2 Stars - Not good (4)
It was usable but had frequent issues with pages loading very slowly or timeout errors.
➜ 1 Star - Bad (0)
It was a bad experience overall with constant issues, pages loading extremely slow and pages crashing or erroring out.
You need an account in order to vote

With that out of the way, winnnneeeeerrrrs!

No big surprise, ikari smashed it out of the park with a total of 190,543 Anima generated and earned a Zampone!
But wait, there IS a surprise! I have two Whompers! And that means Ivaelia on rank 2 with 59,883 Anima will get one, too.

And a roll among all the remaining Anima resulted in:

Grimorio Vorticoso goes to Anima #225229 which belongs to .... Fidea!
Piccolo XT di Landro goes to Anima #150502 which belongs to .... ResidentWeevil!

Congrats to everyone! I'll be in touch via DMs shortly :)

Some fun numbers:

  • 488,647 Anima was generated in total
  • 423 warriors were bought or found
  • Of those, 20 made it to Power 175! (3 of them were Xu-Fu's, appreciated!)
  • And those warriors battled out 2469 fights

  • All players together made a total of 19,066 interactions with the game

Some of those:
  • 6.111 coin stacks picked up
  • 1.633 chests found and plundered
  • 806 Anima stashes found
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2022-01-09 06:57:54
Another Treasure Hunt is coming!

A really short one, this time. It will run from Jan 14 to Jan 16, starting and ending at 23:59 GMT (meaning from Friday to Saturday at midnight to the end of Sunday).
Mostly the same rules apply as last time with the only difference, no covenants this time. So don't hoard those Coins, spend them, stash them, defend them!

Whoever has gathered the most Anima at the end of the game will win the little s Zampone.
Among all other players who generated Anima, a Grimorio Vorticoso and a Piccolo XT di Landro will be raffled out.
Anima counts like a raffle ticket so the more you have the higher your chances.

Why, you ask? Over the last weeks Xu-Fu moved not only to a new webhosting company but also moved server, twice! After fixing tons of smaller issues that hapened, largely in the background, it looks extremely promising and stable. Better than expected actually! So why not try a little ... load test :D That's what this Treasure Hunt is going to be!
Thanks for participating and good luck!
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2021-12-31 18:11:27
Another update on Jan 4 - Xu-Fu is back! Server upgrade successful :D Sorry for the unexpected downtime but lets hope the "page not reachable" is a thing of the past!

Update Jan 4 - The transition is happening today (some time around noon EST), and it's gonna be a downtime again but should be a short one this time.

Update Jan 3 - I've ordered a substantial upgrade for the server that will be applied within the next 3 days. Apologies for the timeouts until then.

It's done!

Xu-Fu found a new home. Now let's see if this is better! I've tested everything I could think of but if you run into any errors, please do leave a comment or message me directly.

One thing I've already noticed when load-testing is that the page reaches a "Resource Limit" at some point. I will have to wait and see how this works out but the good thing is, this new server structure is very easy to upgrade. I just didn't know what to go with so the current setup is probably not fast enough but I'll increase that when necessary.

Oh and one more thing, collection data is still copying over but I didn't want to keep the page offline any longer. You can easily reimport it - or give it a day until I've moved everything over.

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2021-12-29 06:58:51
After finishing the last bigger update (the new search function), I've done on a bunch of smaller quality-of-life improvements that are not worth their own news, so I'm just listing them out here:

  • You can now Heart news entries, spreading some love <3
  • Some images are now only loaded when needed and not by default, reducing the file size of page loads by about 30%
  • If you haven't noticed, yet, pet abilities are shown with their icons in strategy steps now! You can turn this off in your settings if you prefer
  • Long news entries have a more comfortable quicklink menu that scrolls with you (only on large enough screens)
  • Strategies have WoW native coordinates as well as TomTom. You can copy the WoW native ones directly into the game chat to have a map pin
  • Rematch Strings for family fights now show the family name in brackets
  • Within family fights, strategy creators can now only pick pets from that family

That's it for now! The next bigger thing I'm working on is a long promised server move. Finally.
I've found a new home for Xu-Fu already and am setting up everything right now. Looks promising. Moving everything will probably take a few hours where the page will not be accessible.
If everything works out the way I hope, this will happen on 2nd of January.
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2021-12-25 07:09:15
Happy Holidays and a big thank you again to everyone taking part in our Treasure Hunt :)

Drawing the winners was slightly more complex this time around due to the different systems with the covenants and the sheer amount of Coins and Anima. With 2 million Anima and each counting as one entry, it wasn't possible anymore to have me draw a random number and checking in an Excel sheet in parallel. So instead I listed all Anima, Coins, and their respective donors in a database and had a script do the rolling.

No video this time but here is a screenshot of the results: Draw Results

For easier reference, I'll list all winners here, combining prizes for those who won more than one.

Anima prizes:

Covenant Top3 prizes:
  • Shiia - Store pet of choice

From all random draws

Congratulations to all winners! Please check your direct messages here to collect your prizes :)
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Xu-Fu's Treasure Hunt
Xu-Fu's Treasure Hunt has ended.

Check the News for winner announcements!
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