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Xu-Fu's Pet Guides are a welcoming community all around pet battles in World of Warcraft.

Created by Aranesh in 2015, the site has since grown immensely. It hosts hundreds of different strategies for pet challenges, tools to analyze and optimize your collection, and is localized in several languages.

All that is possible thanks to a group of dedicated contributors and visitors just like yourself! Be part of it, and enjoy your stay!

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The possibility for all registered users to upload their own strategies was extremely successful. Since then, Xu-Fu has grown immensely thanks to everyone who contributes. On a much smaller scale, however, we saw a number of strategies that were not up to the standards we set ... continue reading
I have some great news to share, and no, it's not WoW Classic related, sorry. It is, however, related to someone you have stumbled upon almost guaranteed if you've been using Xu-Fu to look up strategies in the last few months. So pretty much everyone who will read ... continue reading
The patch is live and with it the usual suspects - API problems ^^ - Importing or updating your pet collection from the armory currently returns zero pets. This is an issue on Blizzards side and we'll need to wait until it's been addressed. - In the meanwhile, ... continue reading

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My Voidwiggler tried to apply Curse of Doom a couple times on Tikka's Dust Cloud round, and since he's slower than Tikka he missed. The second time I had to Arcane Explosion Buzzbeak one more time after CoD went off, and it applied in Tikka's round 1, as I imagine ... [continue reading]
Thank you for the feedback -- we'll keep that in mind for future maps :)
Strat worked well, and I've added a script :) - - Because my Landro's Lil' XT always managed to kill Tikka before the Flayer Youngling could come in, I never needed to use Deflection. Deflection probably isn't even necessary with the level pet swap, tbh, ... [continue reading]
Did not work with my P/P Iron Starlette, unfortunately, and I don't have any of the other breeds to test with. When I removed the leveling pet it had the same result, however Milo only had 5 hp left for my third pet. If you have a P/P Iron Starlette, I'd suggest ... [continue reading]

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warteeeesa scritto il 13.03.2019

I found this site and hmm i cant use shoutbox. It is possible?
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warteeeesa scritto il 09.03.2019

hello i am new user thanks for approved :)
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taomiwersta scritto il 03.02.2019

Hello. I am toamiwersta and i would to help you with the website creating. I am php programmer.